Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NYPD Lexicon - The Words Defined, For Those that Want to Know

Perp - Perpetrator, the one that committed the crime

Bus - Ambulance (probably rooted in the concept that in poor neighborhoods, most doc visits are via ambulance to an Emergency Room)

Wheel Gun - revolver

Heater - perp's gun

Skel - druggies and other "low lifes" - probably rooted in the idea that many heroin addicts are thin and skeleton like

RMP - Radio Motor Patrol - patrol vehicle - police car

Po Po - police officer as he is often referred to on the street

Tin - Police Officer's badge / shield

Shield - Police Officer's badge

Square Badge - Private security / store securing

One Way - a cop that only looks out for themself only

Summons Whore - a cop who writes lots of summonses, thinking it will get them a detail

Detail (Precinct) - a position that is off patrol in a precinct

Detail (Event) - getting detailed to an event, like a parade, New Year's Eve, a protest, etc

Hats and Bats - often noted on a detail notification - bring your nightstick and helmet

Wood Shampoo, Bronx Party Hat, Turbanized- hitting someone in the head with a nightstick

In the Bag - in uniform - "I'm not doing anti-crime tonight, I'm in the bag"

Boss - Sergeant or above. Any rank above you

Collar - Arrest

On the Job - you're a cop

The Job - the police department

Shakebox - a supervisor that has trouble making a decision

Shakey - a cop that follows the patrol guide too closely and is inflexible in how he polices

Christmas Lights - a patrol car's emergency lighting

Mope - criminal, usually on the low end of the scale

The House - the stationhouse

63 - out for meal

House Mouse - cop with an inside job, off the streets and not dealing with perps

Ground Ball - easy to do or complete

Swing - your days off - "I'm swinging out for two days"

Scratch - Signature

Step on your Dick - mess up

Bag of Shit - a situation that is just going to get worse before it gets better. A case with no leads.

Shoo Fly - Duty Captain on the evening or midnight shift who makes the rounds of all the precincts in his or her patrol boro - "Shoe Fly heading to the Four One"

Green Paper - Command Discipline. An official reprimand.

Kangaroo Court - The Department's Trial Room

On the Level - trustworthy, team player

Hairbag - A lazy, unkept cop

Looking - looking to make an arrest - "Guys, I'm looking today, so if you find something you don't want, I'll take it"

Flying - working your tour on patrol in another command

One P P, Puzzle Palace - NYPD Police Headquarters

One Under - perpetrator is under arrest

Sector - subdivision of a precinct, defines the area an RMP or Sector Car should patrol

Land Pirates - FDNY

Floater - DOA in water

Making a Collar - making an arrest

Collars for Dollars - making an arrest near the end of tour, thus incurring overtime

RDO - Regular Day Off

Tool - cop that's an asshole

28 / UF-28 - Request for unscheduled Day Off

Rat - someone that calls Internal Affairs / POs and Detectives assigned to Internal Affairs

Rat Squad - Internal Affairs

Draftee - most supervisors in IAB / Internal Affairs

Dinosaur - a cop with over 20 years on the job

Day Tours or 8 by 4 - day time shift, generally 0705 x 1540

Evening Tours or 4 by 12 - evening shift, generally 1530 x 2355

Midnight Tours or 12 by 8 - overnight shift, 2345 x 0720

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