Tuesday, July 26, 2016

So, The Plan Last Saturday was to Revisit my Old Stomping Grounds in Hunt's Point

Yep, that was the plan. Go to some of the more memorable locations in my old South Bronx commands and take some picture, from the outside, of the more memorable locations.

Didn't happen.

This past weekend was too damn hot.

Instead, I virtually explored it via Google Maps and Street Views. I found myself constant drawn to the same location. Actually, it's four locations, but it's treated as one. Four attached buildings. Two common courtyards. One large, connected roof.

621, 623, 625 and 627 Manida Street. Confines of the 41 Precinct, deep in Hunt's Point. We used to refer to it as The Well.

I have a couple of stories to tell from that location and would appreciate some feedback as which to tell first. The choices are:

1- 34 Under, Central! (34 arrests made in about 45 minutes - all walking into 625/627 to buy crack)

2 - Don't Choot! Don't Choot! I takin' a Chit! (the closest I ever came to shooting someone)

3 - Officer, You are Under Arrest! (4 Y/O "Fat Boy" arrests Officer Tenkar)

4 - That Ain't no Cop! That's the Retard from Around the Corner (my first time doing observations on a narco set)

5 - This Bike has No Breaks! (Riding a crackhead's bike back to the station house - and not being told until I'm already going downhill that it had no breaks)

Let me know here, G+ or on Facebook - I'll have the post in question ready by the weekend.


  1. With a title like " Don't Choot, Don't Choot,I takin' a chit" that needs to be first.

  2. "Don't Choot" has to be first, then "That Ain't No Cop" and "Officer, You Are Under Arrest".

    i.e. 2,4,3

    Could I also cheekily request a separate page to serve as a lexicon of police jargon, that you could update whenever a new phrase pops up in a story.

    1. Actually, that's a good idea. Police jargon is also regional, and the "Ten Codes" used are different for each department.

  3. I like them all, but "Don't Choot" sounds like the first one I'd like to read, followed by 34 Under, because 34 separate people walking into a police station mistaking it for a good place to buy crack sounds hilarious.