Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Miserable and Working

I have a cold from hell right now.  It's from one of the outer layers of hell, but it's still hellish.  It has, however sapped my ability to write anything fairly coherent.  Besides, all my energy is going to actually dragging my ass to work.

Here's the deal with my job.  We have unlimited sick time.  You can be out for 11 months and still draw your salary (I know, I did it).  There is this whole formula that is used to determine if you are "Chronic Sick" or not.  Let's just say I've never hit that list and have no intention to.

Sick is for those "holy shit, i'm dying over here!  I may actually need to see a doctor!" as opposed to the "I feel like shit.  I'd love to stay home, watch some TV, maybe work in the garden" type of sick.

It's just how I am.  There's lots of cops like me on my job.  Every year we get what is affectionately known as the "Retard Award" (not politically correct, but cops aren't known for their political correctness).  In other words, your Perfect Attendance Award.  I think if I can last another year I get a pen.  Wheeeee!

In any case, I'll try to get a good night sleep tonight and hopefully I'll be adding another chapter to the Rookie Saga tomorrow.  Time for me to share my cold with my wife now.  Misery loves company ;)

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