Monday, December 12, 2011

What You Get Isnt Always What You See

When I write about my experiences as a young cop, I've been trying to remember my mindset and emotions at those exact moments in question. It isn't always easy, but it is easier then I expected. Still, time has a way of smoothing out the edges, and I am sure there are pieces that I misremember slightly. I was not, and I'm still not, the type of person that keeps a diary.

All that being said, these events often worked at multiple levels, even though I didn't necessarily see it that way at the times in question. Obviously, for the most part, you'll be seeing events through my eyes, and as I've worn glasses since high school I ask that you make allowances for the occasional distortion. They should be minor. The vast majority of names, are, of course, changed. This is mostly my story, and I don't have the right to identify others directly. If those that I depict read the events, they should be able to recognize themselves easily enough. Besides, what's in a name? ;)

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