Sunday, December 11, 2011

What's In a Name?

When the time came for my first official day in my new command, I was very surprised to find that there were 29 other rookies assigned with me.  Adding 30 cops in one shot to a police precinct told me two things - the precinct had been vastly understaffed and that finding a locker was going to be real painful.

Part of the process of getting acclimated to our new command involved filling out numerous amounts of paperwork listing things that "the job" already had from us, but our new command wanted us to go through all the motions again.  We had to fill out "10-Cards", which listed everything from contact information, emergency contact information, qualifications (such as the ever popular Van Qualification, which allowed you to drive a department van), firearm serial numbers (there's a story in that for a later date), date of hire, exam and list number (for seniority reasons) - all this was going on the equivalent of a 3x5 index card.

We were also introduced to our PBA (union) delegates as well as representatives from fraternal organizations, usually along the lines of ethic and religious categories.  Joining the Holy Name Society would get us an excusal one Saturday a year for the Annual Breakfast Mass.  Needless to say I joined.  The Steuben Society for those of German and Austrian heritage - I was in.  One of the PBA delegates was also the Emerald Society delegate for the command.  He was holding a roster listing the new rookies, and he called out a name:

"Donovan McCloud - Where are ya lad?" he asked of the crowded room of rooks.

The officer next to me stood up.  "That's me sir."

"Er, right.  Just checking.  You can sit down."

Officer McCloud, a dark skinned black male, promptly did so.  Apparently even cops with time on can make poor assumptions.  That was one cop that would not be joining the Emerald Society.


  1. Welcome to the feed. Fantastic!

  2. Eh, you never know. His father could be Irish.

  3. Heh. Trust me, although the lad in question and I have laughed about this, even years later, his Irish roots are hidden a few generations back ;)